Bonanno Family underboss, Santora, sentenced to 2 years


The Bonanno crime family underboss has been sentenced to two years in prison for racketeering extortion charges.

Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora the second in command for the New York mafia family got a two-year sentence along with three years of probation and forfeiture of five thousand dollars. Four months of the sentence is for a probation violation committed by Santora when he hung out with wiseguys and committing extortion while on probation for other mafia-related crimes. The judge pointed out that Santora was at a sit-down to discuss the collection of an overdue loan and he played a critical role in the negotiations.


“Nicholas Santora”

Santora was caught on tape by Bonanno associate turned rat Hector “Junior” Pagan and ex-husband of Renee Graziano star of show Mob Wives. Pagan recorded over 70 conversations capturing Santora talking about mafia business. Pagan turned rat and decided to wear a wire and record his fellow Bonanno family mobsters after being arrested in a DEA investigation. Santora said at an earlier hearing that he was simply trying to collect a debt. Santora had already pleaded guilty and admitted to his role in the mafia shakedown to recoup that debt from 2006-2008.