Bonanno mobster Santoro has violent side caught on wiretap


Anthony “Skinny” Santoro was one of the seven mobsters busted last July on charges of racketeering, loan sharking, extortion, and drug dealing. He is allegedly a member of a crew led by veteran Bonanno crime family leader Nicholas “Nicky Cigars” Santora. The feds recovered gambling records, weed, several weapons, and over 40 thousand dollars in cash at his Staten Island home in February of 2012. He is currently being held without bail on his current charges and it seems the portly and somewhat obese mobster has quite a large temper and violent side. He was captured on a secret wiretap going on a series of threat laced rants filled with profanity according to recent court filings.


“Anthony Santoro”


Santora was caught spewing threats as he talked to alleged Bonanno family associate and Teamsters local president Nicholas Bernhard. Court filings suggest the wiretap dialogue is something that could be coming straight out of movies like “Goodfellas”. Here are some exerts from court transcripts from a conversation where Bernhard and Santora were discussing an unidentified man that Santora was planning to threaten.

“You tell him … that he’s doing some s–t that’s affecting me personally,”
“I’m gonna split his f—ing head with a hatchet, to be honest with you,”

“I’ll put two holes in his f—ing forehead. I’ll double tap his forehead right now!”

“Kid’s a young punk,” “He’ll be one dead young punk. I’ll leave him in the street right now. I’ll shoot him right now, this minute. I’ll take a shower and shave (and) just to go shoot him,”

Santoro was also caught again on wiretap showing his violent side on another call with an alleged mob accomplice Richard Sinde. Santoro talking to Sinde mentions a group of apparent foes who seems to be causing him some problems , he says that they was “making jerk—s out of people. … Someone’s gonna get f—ing hurt.“. But Tim Parlatore an attorney for Santoro said that all of this excited jabber from his client was simply a part of his theatrical personality and for all of the dramatic speech he produced nobody ever got hurt. Prosecutors paint a much different picture of the mobster and his former New York mafia crew.