Brother of Mafia Boss Murdered

Palermo, Italy – Agostino Alessandro Migliore, 45,  has been shot dead in his car. Agostino is the brother of local mafia boss Giovanni Salvatore Migliore who was arrested recently during operation “Cupola 2.0″  and is the chief aid of Mafia boss Filippo Bisconti who, since 2018 has been collaborating with investigators.

Alessandro Agostino Migliore who was killed in an Ambush in Palermo Italy. February 28, 2020

Alessandro Agostino Migliore. Killed in an Ambush in Belmonte Mezzagno. February 28, 2020

Ambushed Going to Work

The ambush-style murder, in Belmonte Mezzagno, took place at 5 am local time. Agostino was just getting into his Audi A4 on his way to open up ‘Conad’, one of the family-owned markets in Belmonte Mezzagno.

There has recently been a surge of violence in this normally quiet agricultural area. The murder of Agostino Alessandro Migliore is the fourth in a year. In January 2019, the son-in-law of mafia boss Vincenzo Greco was killed. In May 2019, Informant Filippo Bisconti’s cousin was killed along with the former mayor’s brother and an accountant with mafia ties, Antonio Di Liberto.

More Murders and Fearful Local Residents

On December 2 an attempt was made on the life of  Giuseppe Benigno, a building contractor. Two gunmen indiscriminately fired into a crowd of people in the town’s main street to try and kill him. Part of the investigation into finding these gunmen led to the Carabinieri arresting four people about a month ago, including the new Belmonte Mezzagno Mafia boss, Salvatore Tumminia.

Informant Filippo Bisconti

Informant Filippo Bisconti

The local residents are saying this is a “very bad moment for Belmonte Mezzagno. Evidently, there are those who try to send messages to Filippo Bisconti who is collaborating with justice. We are back in the center of a feud”.

The Carabinieri are looking for cameras at the scene or any witnesses that might help them with any clues, though this ambush-style murder seems to have been planned very well. Eleven spent cartridges were found at the scene, probably from a semi-automatic gun.