Colombo family capo Teddy Persico Sr back on streets


Theodore “Teddy” Persico Sr a long time Colombo crime family capo and brother of imprisoned for life Colombo boss Carmine “Junior” Persico is back on the streets after serving the last 22 years in prison. He was arrested back in 1993 outside St Patrick’s Cathedral on Palm Sunday at a meeting of Persico faction mobsters. He was a point man for the Persico faction during a bloody Colombo family mafia war against a rival faction led by Victor “Little Vic” Orena that lasted about two years. Teddy Sr was convicted in 1994 for racketeering and murder conspiracy. Prosecutors claimed he was involved in a number of murder plots against the Orena faction but was not implicated in any of the 12 murders that took place during the mafia war from 1991-1993. Teddy Sr spent the last six years of his prison sentence in a prison hospital due to undisclosed ailments before being released and spending two months in a Brooklyn half way house.
A law enforcement source confirmed they would be keeping an eye on Theodore who after doing his time now has more respect then ever. Being the only Persico currently out on the streets he could be called upon to get the Colombo family back on track as he once was part of a Colombo family ruling panel. His son and Colombo family mobster Theodore “Skinny Teddy” Persico recently agreed to a plea deal is slated to be sentenced to 12 years in prison. But others believe that the Persico’s power with in the Colombo family is slowly coming to an end and that Teddy Sr is not looking for any trouble and has been keeping to himself and staying close to home in Valley Stream since he has been back on the streets. Whether Carmine will look for his brother to step in and re-establish control is still unknown but one thing is for sure the Colombo crime family has plenty of leadership openings.