Colombo family mobster Scopo beats rap by passing away


Ralph Scopo Jr a soldier in the Colombo crime family has passed away at the age of 63 from heart and liver failure. Scopo was among those arrested by the feds in the historic take down against the New York Mafia in January of 2011. His trial had been delayed for past two years as he continued to file letters to the court with details of his deterioration health and now it seems he was not simply malingering. He is the only mobster of the 112 arrested to avoid conviction from the massive 2011 mafia sweep. He was charged with extorting Cement and Concrete Workers Local 6A coffee errand-runners. He was confined to his home in Long Island over last couple of years under electronic monitoring as he awaited trial. Scopo was last convicted back in 2006 for racketeering and claimed at sentencing he was told he had less then two years to live according to court documents.


“Ralph Scopo Jr (center)”


Scopo’s family has a long history in the mafia and the Colombo crime family. His father Ralph Sr was also a member of the Colombo family and died in prison and his brother Joseph Scopo was killed during the bloody Colombo family civil war. A law enforcement said of the deceased mobster that he now has to answer to a higher judge. While Scopo was avoided conviction with his passing the massive 2011 raid on the New York mob families did include some convictions of high ranking mobsters from New York’s five families. Among those convictions were Colombo family acting boss Andrew “Andy Mush” Russo and under boss Benjamin Castellazzo, Gambino capo Bartolomeo “Bobby” Vernace and consigliere Joseph “Jo Jo” Corrozzo among others.