Former Chicago Mafia boss Joey Lombardo wants out


Joey “The Clown” Lombardo the former boss of the Chicago Mafia has been in prison for more than a decade after being convicted in the infamous Family Secrets trial.

The aging mobster is serving a life sentence for his role in at least ten mafia murders. Lombardo is one of the last remaining wiseguys from what was a much more prosperous era of the Chicago Outfit. He refused to admit he was a made man and still claims that he is innocent of those crimes and is fighting to be released from prison. The 89-year-old Mafioso wrote a detailed letter to a judge asking for help to get a new lawyer to fight for his release and detailed some of his hardships during his time behind bars.


“Joey Lombardo”


The odds that Lombardo is released from his maximum-security prison before he passes away seems like a very long shot. His era of the Chicago Mafia has quickly become a distant memory as the organization’s power has dwindled over the last decade. Although some reports of the Cosa Nostra family’s demise may be a bit premature it remains unclear just how much power remains.

While the mafia in Chicago does have a new hierarchy in place it seems unlikely that the organized crime family gets much of its former mojo back. For more information on what remains for the Chicago mob and its new leadership, you can read the following report.