Gomorrah Actor Trapped at Home with Dead Sister’s Body

Luca Franzese, who has appeared in the mob TV show Gomorrah said his sister Teresa Franzese, 47, died at her Naples home on Saturday. Her body has since tested positive for the Coronavirus COVID-19.

He had to wait days for someone to remove her body.

He posted videos online to try and get the word out including one where you can clearly see his sister’s body in the background. In that video which you can see a screenshot below, he claimed he had been abandoned by his country.

“My sister died yesterday, probably because of the virus, and I’ve been waiting for answers since last night,”

“Guys, we are ruined. Italy has abandoned us”.

Mr. Franzese posted another video on Wednesday saying that three more members of his family have tested positive for Coronavirus.

“The nightmare goes on”, he said.

Outside of China Italy has been one of the hardest-hit countries and the entire country is on lockdown.

No gatherings of any kind are allowed including religious services, weddings, funerals, sporting events, etc.

According to Mr. Franzese, his sister suffered from epilepsy.

The entire family is in self-isolation which was made that much more traumatic by having his infected dead sister’s body in the house.

Local politicians are slowly trying to help find a funeral home for the body. Politician Francesco Emilio Borrelli, said Mr. Franzese did the right thing by self-isolating himself and his whole family.

“They are an example of civility and selflessness. The neighborhood has not abandoned them, but is supporting them,” he said, whilst at the same time imploring trash collectors to remove the trash that has been piling up in the home.

It is understood that after the video went viral, funeral home workers did remove the body. Teresa Franzese was buried without any family members present