“Coronavirus COVID-19- The Mafia Impose Quarantine?”

First published on Facebook a few hours ago by Alessandro Campi, Professor of political science at the University of Perugia, Italy, he wrote “

“I ask the mafia, the ‘ndrangheta, the sacred crown and the Camorra to impose, in the vast territories controlled by them, the mandatory home quarantine for all their countrymen who have suddenly returned home from their homes in the North within the red zone. If they are unable, with their own forces, to guarantee compliance with this elementary precautionary rule, I would consider it reasonable for them to ask for the collaboration of the public authorities of the Italian State. At this moment all institutions must collaborate “.

It has stirred up quite a controversy.

Alessandro Campi

The Post as written in Italian by Alessandro Campi

In an effort to calm everyone down, Mr. Campi said, “I wrote it and I also canceled it, the sense of paradox should be understood, but evidently this is not the right time”.

It has since been reported in the Italian newspaper ‘Gazzetta del Sud’ where, as a comment on the page, Mr. Campi wrote:

“Dear friends of the ‘Gazzetta del Sud’, you really have taken seriously a post on ‘Facebook’ that just wanted to be a paradoxical comment on what happened yesterday evening with the flight from Milan to the South of several of our fearful compatriots to remain confined within the ‘red zone’? A paradoxical sending to respect the provisions of the state authorities, which are inviting everyone to stay at home and not to circulate, you have mistaken it for a shocking message. I really don’t know. I understand the delicate moment. But perhaps we should have the ability, in these moments, to discern important things from those that are not. Obviously I proceeded to remove the post if this is likely to be the effect. Thank you for your attention.”

Mr. Campi is referring to flights from Milan in the north to Southern Italy with people fleeing a massive quarantine of 16 million people in the north to stop the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

I wonder if the Coronavirus COVID-19 really will kill any mafia members? Especially in Italy which is so hard hit.