Murder outside Chicago Mob Bar

Richard’s Bar, a popular mob hangout on Chicago’s West Side was the scene of murder last week. Thomas Tansey 30, was arrested and has now been charged with murdering Kenny Paterimos in-front of the bar.

Richard’s Bar is the longtime headquarters of the Chicago Outfit’s Grand Avenue crew which is run by well-known Chicago mafia capo and street boss Albert “Albie the Falcon” Vena. It is unknown if Vena had any connection to Tansey or the murder.

Tansey, who has a history of assault, stabbed Paterimos 23, in the back with a box cutter outside the bar around 11:30 pm. It started with an argument inside the bar which allegedly included a homophobic slur that Tansey hurled at Paterimos. This prompted bouncers to kick Tansey out of the bar where he waited for Paterimos to leave and then stabbed him with a box-cutter, according to the police report. Paterimos managed to stumble back into the bar but collapsed once inside.

Kenny Paterimos who was stabbed to death outside Richards Bar in Chicago.

Kenny Paterimos who was stabbed to death outside Richards Bar in Chicago.

Richard’s Bar has no surveillance cameras inside but a Chicago PD “POD” (Police Observation Device) did catch Tansey chasing Paterimos back to the bar.

Tansey was questioned and released by the police on the night, while they investigated his claim that he stabbed Paterimos in self-defense, but the Feds pushed the county prosecutors to file homicide charges. He was eventually caught and charged with first-degree murder. At a bond hearing on Thursday, the judge wasn’t buying Tansey’s self-defense story and ordered him held without bail.

After the hearing, Assistant State Attorney James Murphy said that prosecutors have “no evidence whatsoever” that Tansey used any slurs. He did say that Tansey allegedly threatened to rip out Paterimos’ nose ring.

Sam Amirante, Tansey’s attorney said Tansey “saw some horrible things happen” while serving in Afghanistan which left him with post-traumatic stress disorder which was disclosed in a court filing for a battery case that Tansey pleaded guilty to in 2017. He received probation for that offense.

Richards Bar Chicago which is is owned by Grand Avenue associate Bobby Dominic.

Richards Bar Chicago which is is owned by Grand Avenue associate Bobby Dominic.

Following the hearing, Amirante said Tansey is “remorseful about what happened here. It’s a very sad thing for both families, it is certainly very traumatic for both families, but we will get this case to trial as quickly as we can.”

Judge Charles Beach, after denying bail said, “What most bothers me regarding this … is the location of the stab wounds. Those stab wounds all being to the back.” The judge was also concerned about his history of assault with a weapon.

Paterimos, who lived in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood was a regular at Richard’s Bar which, along with the La Scrola Italian restaurant next door, have been the Grand Avenue crew’s headquarters since being run by the infamous Joey “The Clown” Lombardo in the 1990s.

Richard's Bar Chicago where Kenny Paterimos was stabbed

Richard’s Bar Chicago where Kenny Paterimos was stabbed

Highly feared and one of Chicago’s most dangerous mobsters, Vena took over the crew in 2006 after Lombardo’s arrest as part of Operation Family Secrets.

Lombardo died in prison of natural causes in October.

Sometime in the past decade, Vena, 71 was promoted to street boss. Using boxcutters was a known modus operandi of the Grand Avenue crew.

Vena has been the target of a large investigation into racketeering and a series of murders over the last few years.

The building where Richard’s Bar and La Scrola are located is owned by Grand Avenue associate Bobby Dominic.