Joey Merlino back in Philly in typical Merlino style but for how long


Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino the reputed former boss of the Philadelphia mafia was back home in Philly for first time in about a decade to face parole violation charges. Merlino made his way to the federal courthouse in typical Merlino style with his usual swagger. When leaving Merlino did so with an entourage and was questions by reporters about his return to Philly and his role in the Philly mob.


joey merlino back in philly

Joey Merlino back in Philly” 


Merlino is being charged with violating terms of his supervised release because of an alleged meeting with Philly mob capo John Ciancaglini and other reputed felons down in Florida. But attorneys for the so called John Gotti of Passyunk Avenue argues that it was a chance meeting and the feds missed the deadline to violate their client.


The judge in the case has withheld his ruling for now. Seen outside the courthouse among an array of local reporters was Ciangalini is what can only be called an odd twist since he was not part of the court procedures. Federal prosecutors would not go as far as saying they believed Merlino was still running the Philly mafia but did say they still consider him an active member of the mafia.


He could be facing anywhere from six months to a year behind bars if found guilty. There is still no word as to when the judge’s decision will be made public. When Merlino’s attorney was asked if Merlino was planning a return to Philly if he beat the charges he said that his client considered himself a Florida citizen but who knows what tomorrow brings.


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