Gambino family captain George DeCicco passes away


George (Big George) DeCicco a long time Gambino crime family mobster has passed away at the age of 85. He was a long time lieutenant for former Gambino boss John Gotti and a leading member of the Gambino’s inner circle for years. He was the leaders of the family’s infamous Bensonhurst Crew for years and one of Gotti’s most trusted captains.


George DeCicco

“George DeCicco (second from left) with Family”


He was also the uncle of former Gambino under boss Frank DeCicco who was killed in a 1986 car bombing as retaliation for the unsanctioned murder of Gambino boss Paul Castellano. According to sources including law enforcement Big George was a fearsome Bath Ave presence for decades. His last arrest was back in 2007 for extortion charges.


Joseph Benfante a former defense attorney said his client was a gentleman and even detectives and FBI Agents used to say George always greeted them with respect and was very cordial. But prosecutors at his last trial in 2007 painted a darker portrait of a hard core mobster.