Colombo mobster Fappiano gets a year in prison


Scott Fappiano a reputed Colombo crime family mobster has been sentenced to a year behind bars for his part in a New York mafia effort to control the carting industry in New York and New Jersey. One of 31 alleged mobsters busted back in January of 2013 for shaking down garbage companies on behalf of the mob. He plead guilty on extortion charges as part of a plea deal and was facing between 15 to 21 months so caught a bit of a break.



“Scott Fappiano”


Fappiano has a long criminal history including being convicted for a rape he was later cleared on after spending almost two decades in prison. After he was cleared and released he still found his way back into trouble busted in 2011 in the biggest mob racketeering crackdown against the mafia in the US. He was let off easily then because his previous false conviction was strongly taken into consideration.


The Colombo family mobster also has families ties to the Gambino crime family. He has three uncles which were all made members of the Gambino family including two who turned rat Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo and Frank “Frankie Fap” Fappiano. The third uncle was Frank DeCicco the first under boss under mob boss John Gotti.