Mob turncoat Michael D’Urso writes letter warning Mafia

Michael D’Urso turned on the New York Mafia and helped the feds put an array of his former wiseguy pals behind bars.

Among those that the former Genovese crime family mobsters he helped to put away were former boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante and alleged current boss Liborio Bellomo. There are still several mobsters that he helped put away that are still alive and active and some in a more powerful position and they may still be holding a grudge. D’Urso has remained silent for over a decade while hiding in the witness protection program. But he recently learned from law enforcement that his current secret whereabouts and new identity had been a topic of conversation between mobsters at an upper East Side Steakhouse. It’s unclear as to who exactly was discussing Michael D’Urso and his current whereabouts but if it was passed on to him by LE then it may have been some Cosa Nostra heavyweights perhaps in the Genovese family.


Michael D'Urso


In the open letter Michael D’Urso wrote to the NY Mafia, he said “I am ready, able and willing to defend my family and myself. I hope that 20 years later, no one would be so stupid to get himself into very serious trouble over me.” The Mafia hasn’t been in the habit of going after turncoats in recent years but they certainly remain capable if the opportunity were to present itself. Here is a copy of the entire open letter Michael D’Urso sent out.


Michael D’Urso:

This letter is a heads up to the individuals who were seen and overheard during the Christmas holidays at the TBar Steak & Lounge on the Upper East Side talking about me. Law enforcement folks told me you were talking about my new identity and where I might be living today. I hope that 20 years later, no one would be so stupid to get himself into very serious trouble over me.

While I still have some respect for the life I once lived and the life that some of my old friends and acquaintances still choose to live, rest assured I WILL NEVER GET CAUGHT SLEEPING AGAIN. I am ready, able and willing to defend my family and myself. Also, I have very capable ex-law enforcement friends with gun permits who are with me all the time. And don’t forget, there are cameras everywhere today that can track people to and from any location.

As you know, I didn’t create this mess. I was extremely loyal until my life was in danger for the SECOND time. The people that got in trouble because of me can thank Farby [late acting boss Frank Serpico-GL]for threatening me on the phone and putting me in the position that led to me cooperating. What boss gets on the phone to actually threaten someone? Did he not expect a response? As a street guy was I supposed to just let someone I don’t know abuse me? No f*****g way.

Frank SerpicoI hate the fact that some of my Bronx friends got caught up in my cooperation. They are legitimate tough guys. They know who they are. If I had been with them before, I believe they would have been by my side the second I got shot and would have helped me get even. I am truly sorry you guys got wrapped up in the investigation.

There was only one person who raised a finger to try and help me get revenge when I got shot, and my cousin got killed. Unfortunately, he [Vito Guzzo-GL] got 38 years in prison. He was arrested before I cooperated. He was facing the death penalty and I paid for his capital punishment attorney while I was cooperating. The government didn’t need me to convict him.

When Sammy Meatballs [Aparo] came to me with tears in his eyes and said, “If I send for you don’t come,” I knew that Farby was going to have me killed. I had no choice but to reach out to the government. Those of you who truly knew me know that I would have done 100 years for the right people and the right reasons. There could not be a brotherhood without loyalty. But no real man can ever accept being told not to seek retribution when someone shoots you in the head and kills your cousin.

Salvatore AparoI understands why people have to act like tough guys when my name gets brought up. I would do the same if I was in their shoes. But just because I have been respectful and not rubbed anything in any of your faces, do NOT think that I will go on the defense if I see any of you. I am not running and I don’t need a weapon to protect myself. I am a black belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and have been training in mixed martial arts for over 14 years. A bat and a knife won’t help you so you will have to use a gun. But if you, and your bosses, feel that getting me is worth risking life in prison, then come find me. Just keep in mind that your bosses will get prosecuted for the murder as well.

And rest assured that if I feel my life is threatened, I WILL BE ON OFFENSE, NOT DEFENSE. I FEAR NO ONE AND NEVER WILL. And remember that there is no statute of limitations for the murder of a federal witness. And you’d be surprised to find out how many confidential informants there are in your circle, who would love to tell the feds they heard about a murder plot to kill me.

To the gangsters in my neighborhood: If you stop and think, you will realize that I left all of you out of my cooperation on purpose. I didn’t hurt any of you. I didn’t seek you out. I could have started a beef to draw you out. But I didn’t want to see anyone in the neighborhood get in trouble whether we were on good terms or not. I bring this up because I still come in and out of the neighborhood every so often. If you see me, do yourself a favor and do not confront me. It may look like I’m alone but I’m not. Again, I am respectful but fear no one and you might not be happy with the outcome of a confrontation.

Everyone should just focus on their families, their well-being, and staying out of jail. Continue to make money the smart way and leave the violence that gets you life in prison alone. For those of you that have money, find ways to keep it and for those of you that don’t, find ways to make it without violence. Times are different today.