Theodore Persico Jr. to become the boss of the Colombo Family?

Theodore Persico Jr is making his way back to the streets after doing a 12-year stretch in federal prison for murder conspiracy.

Is he next in line to take the reigns of the rebuilding Colombo crime family? Persico ordered mob underlings to whack rival Colombo family mobster Joseph Scopo back in 1993. Scopo was a leading figure in a breakaway faction led by Vittorio “Little Vic” Orena that wanted to take control of the crime family. According to mob turncoat Anthony “Big Anthony” Russo Teddy ordered the hit at his grandmother’s wake. “He said, ‘You got to get Joey,’ ” Russo recalled. “He said, ‘I want my guys to take care of this — killing Joey Scopo. He said Get it done.” The whole conversation took place within earshot of the corrections officers accompanying Teddy as he was out on a prison furlough to attend the wake. The scheme while successful put Teddy back behind bars.


Theodore Persico Jr

“Theodore Persico Jr”


Teddy Persico Jr is the nephew of now-deceased Colombo boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico. The infamous New York Mafia boss passed away in March of last year. According to the feds Teddy has long been on a shortlist of candidates that could take control of the crime family after Carmine was gone. While Carmine’s son Alphonse “Allie Boy” Persico will likely take over as the family’s official boss at least as far as the feds are concerned it would be in name only as he serves his own life sentence.

The Colombo’s are going to need someone to step in and take the reigns as the family’s new acting or street boss while they continue to try and rebuild and stabilize. It seems that aging mobster Andrew “Andy Mush” Russo may have temporarily taken on that role after Carmine’s passing. But the future of the Cosa nostra family seemingly lies in younger hands and many believe that Teddy has the backing and respect needed to fill that void.

While Theodore Persico Jr may be heading home he still has to navigate three years of strict supervised release. If he is to be the new power within the NY Mafia family he will certainly have his work cut out for him as the feds will surely be keeping a very close eye on his every move. They would like nothing more than to make headlines by putting away another Mafia boss with the last name Persico.

That may prove to be a real problem for Teddy who has been in and out of prison several times already and seems to have a knack for getting caught. His status in the mafia has been on the rise ever since he got his button back in 1987 although the extended prison time has certainly made it harder for him to rise through the ranks. Perhaps age and experience will make Teddy and more low key and effective leader.

It’s not a lock that Skinny Teddy takes control as some other options are seemingly available but its certainly one of the more interesting scenarios. We will be keeping a close eye on the Colombo family throughout 2020!