Alicia DiMichele withdraws guilty plea and quits Mob Wives


Alicia DiMichele the wife of alleged Colombo crime family enforcer Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo, Jr. has resigned from the hit reality TV series “Mob Wives”. The sexy reality star also withdrew her guilty plea on embezzling charges after the restitution payment was rejected by the presiding judge. The old plea deal called for DiMichele to pay restitution of $20,000 to Teamsters Local 282 union from which DiMichele was part of a scam using a trucking company owned by Garofalo to embezzle union funds. Prosecutors and lawyers for DiMichele agreed on the amount but legal counsel representing the union claims the amount owed to the benefit fund was closer to $2.8 million and should include 18% interest.


“Alicia DiMichele”


Husband Edward Garofalo Jr. plead guilty to murder conspiracy which he received seven years in prison for but not embezzlement which means DiMichele would be on hook for any amount owed. Sources confirmed that DiMichele submitted her resignation to “Mob Wives” weeks ago seemingly in an effort to clean up her image. Defense lawyers expect to reach a new plea deal with prosecutors which will satisfy the government with out Alicia on the hook for the full $2 million dollar restitution.
Under the original plea deal DiMichele was also facing up to six months in prison and could still be facing prison time with a new plea deal. Alicia was pulling in $8,000 an episode from Mob Wives show and she is the owner of Addiction Boutique in New Jersey which prosecutors argue makes her viable to pay off a substantial fine and restitution.