Joey Merlino headed back to philly court room but his lawyers tell feds to stop


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the former boss of the Philadelphia mafia is headed back to a Philly court room for a hearing where the feds want to revoke his probation. But lawyers for Merlino in court filings urged that the prosecutors efforts against their client claiming the feds were out of time. They claim that since Merlino was not issued a summons to appear in court until Sept. 16 that his probation had already ended and he should be a free man.


Joey Merlino in Florida

Joey Merlino enjoying the life down in Boca Raton, Florida”


According to probation officers Merlino violated the terms of his probation by meeting with fellow Philly mob captain John Ciancaglini and another known felon at a local Cigar bar in Boca Raton. But Skilly Joey’s attorney’s are arguing that their client was not aware that Ciancaglini was even at that location and claim that he was simply greeted by the bar owners as any regular customer is not knowing his criminal past.


A probation revocation hearing is scheduled for Friday in Philadelphia but lawyers for Joey would like to have things halted before that point although it seems unlikely. Ever since Merlino was released after finishing a 14 year sentence federal investigators have seemingly kept a close eye on him. Even going as far as sending down a wired mob turncoat in an attempt to trap Merlino into admitting any new misdoings.


But Skinny Joey did not fall for it and promptly reported the meeting to his probation officers as required. Many believe that Merlino is still the official head of the Philly mafia running the show from Florida using guys he trusts on the streets including current acting boss Steve Mazzone to run things. Although Merlino since his release has maintained that he is done with the mob life.