New England Mafia Acting Boss Anthony Spagnolo Indicted


Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo has been identified by the feds as the acting boss of the New England mafia in an indictment handed down today.

He was charged with extorting protection payments from local social clubs and a video poker machine company. According to the feds Spagnolo ordered fellow New England mobster Pryce (Stretch) Quintina to collect monthly payments from the owners of Constitution Vending Co. a video poker machines company.


anthony spagnolo

“Anthony Spagnolo”


Both Spagnolo and Quintina have been arrested on a single count of conspiring to interfere with commerce through extortion. It is not the first time that Spucky has had trouble with the feds having pleaded guilty to extortion, racketeering, and drug charges back in 1990. He refused to admit that he was in the Mafia then but according to the FBI he was in a house back in 1989 in which a Patriarca crime family induction ceremony took place and was recorded.


He was part of 21 alleged members of the Patriarca family or New England La Cosa Nostra family which included the then alleged boss back in 1990.