Mafia induction ceremony from New England 1989 taped by Feds


New England mafia ceremony was captured on tape by the feds back in 1989 with four new soldiers being inducted into the family.

The mafia induction was lead by New England mafia boss Raymond “Junior” Patriarca in Medford. Fingers were pricked, holy cards were burned, and the new mobsters vowed to kill on behalf of the Mafia. In all 20 mobsters attended and it is the first and only of its kind of recorded by authorities.


raymond patriarca


Inducted that day were Robert “Bobby” DeLuca, Carmen Tortora, Vincent Federico, and Richard Floramo. The recording of this traditional ceremony was undisputed proof that La Cosa Nostra did exist beyond the shadow of a doubt. The majority of the mobsters who attended were indicted on charges of racketeering and the tapes were used by prosecutors to prove their case. The hierarchy of the New England mob at the time went to prison.


Here is both audio of the 1989 New England Mafia induction ceremony along with a transcript.


1989 New England Mafia induction ceremony Audio – Here


1989 New England Mafia induction ceremony transcript – Here