Mafia snitch identified as key witness in latest mob roundups


Alleged Bonanno crime family associate Gene Borrello is the key witness in three mafia roundups carried out by the feds in the last month according to a report from Gang Land News.

The 32-year-old mobster aided the feds in the arson case against mob capo Vincent Asaro which included John J. Gotti along with the racketeering case against acting mafia capo Ronald Giallanzo plus a mob-linked home invasion case. Borrello is identified only as “Associate 1” in recent court documents and has been described as a one-man crime wave. According to reports, Borrello decided to cooperate in a joint state and federal probe into home invasions and other racketeering crimes after his last prison stint resulting from a 2014 arrest. It was believed by some that the mafia raids may have been a result of recently outed Bonanno family rat Peter Lovaglio but now it seems the Cosa Nostra family once again is dealing with multiple turncoats.


Gene Borrello

“Gene Borrello”


According to court documents, Borrello recruited Gotti, the grandson of the late Dapper Don to help carry out the 2012 arson attack on behalf of Asaro. Borrello doused the car with gasoline which was then lit on fire by a match from defendant Matthew (Fat Mike) Rullan and Gotti drove the getaway car. He also teamed up with Gotti, Rullan, and another defendant Michael Guidici to rob a Queen’s bank in April of 2012 which netted the crew over $5000 dollars. Asaro and Gotti along with other alleged members of a mob crew were indicted a couple of weeks ago on the arson and bank robbery charges. Prosecutors also allege that he helped to plan and carry out multiple home invasions over the years one of which netted $250,000 back in 2014.

Then there is the case against Asaro’s nephew and acting capo Ronald Giallanzo who was indicted on multiple charges just days ago along with nine other reputed Bonanno family members and associates. According to prosecutors, Barrello was tasked by Ronnie G’s brother-in-law Michael Hintze who is also a co-defendant to take care of a deadbeat loan shark customer back in late 2010 or early 2011 but he botched the hit. Hintze told Borrello that Giallanzo who was behind bars at the time had told him to address the situation. Court filings also document an incident from 2013 in which Borrello and Giallanzo dragged a loan shark customer out of a deli to his car and beat him until he soiled himself. The debtor was assaulted because he admitted to paying his home mortgage instead of paying off his debt to Ronnie G according to the report.

Prosecutors were able to obtain emails from Giallanzo to his brother-in-law that they claim establishes Borrello as a major player in the New York mafia crew. In several emails Ronnie G sent to Hintze he asked why Borrello wasn’t being used to collect loansharking debts and according to prosecutors they clearly signified his desire for his crew members to use Borrello. The mob associate was known for his willingness to use violence and the threat of violence to collect debts claim prosecutors. This in addition to Borrello’s word seemingly makes him a viable witness and he is expected to play a key role in all three indictments recently obtained by the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office.