Ex-Genovese mobster might return to prison after podcast appearance

Ex-Genovese mobster might return to prison after podcast appearance

Former Genovese associate John Rubeo might be heading back to prison after admitting to three blatant probation violations on the “Johnny and Gene Show,” a podcast YouTube channel hosted by ex-gangsters John Alite and Gene Borrello.

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Rubeo, 45, could face up to five years in jail after revealing his contact with convicted felons without contacting his probation officer, failing to answer truthfully to inquiries, and his unapproved oversharing on the podcast in September.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan hinted at a five year sentence with a 3-9 month guideline range.  An additional period of supervised release is also on the table for Rubeo, who bragged about making more money illegally while working for the feds than before.

“I was committing more crimes when I was working for them than when I was on the street… And they were paying me $15,000 a month,” Rubeo said on the “Johnny and Gene Show.”

Most notably, he also revealed how he destroyed evidence in the 2018 Joey Merlino case.  Merlino served 2 years as a result of the case and is now free.

Judge Sullivan also noted how Rubeo took to social media to brag about his Mercedes and Range Rover vehicles, and his ability to place large bets.

“One thing I was interested in … was a post from Rubeo in which he boasts about his Mercedes and his ability to bet $100,000 on things… It’s troubling because at the time of the violations, he hadn’t yet paid his $80,000 (court-ordered) forfeiture,” said the judge.

January 19th is the sentencing date for Rubeo.  His defense suggested home detention for the remainder of his supervised release.  Rubeo told Sullivan that he received a great amount of social media harassment and a death threat from a former close associate of Joey Merlino.

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