Mayor of Rome says the mafia planned to kill her and her family

Mayor of Rome says the mafia planned to kill her and her family

Virginia Raggi, the mayor of Rome, announced that the Italian mafia had a plan in place to kill her and her family.

Raggi became the city’s first female mayor back in 2016, and will be running for re-election this year.  The Casamonica crime family reportedly targeted her in 2018 after she ordered the demolition of some of their illegally built huts, which forced her into living with a police escort.

“We have been informed that they were planning an attack against me and my family,” she said, without elaborating much further.  The mayor also stated that she was at war with other mafia families in the area, including the Spada and Marando families in the seaside neighborhoods of Ostia and San Basilio respectively.

“There are parts of Rome where people come close to me to tell me to keep on fighting but then they move away because they are afraid of being seen by the clans,” Raggi said in an interview.

She did not provide many more details on the situation.  Raggi has been the focal point for controversy since her election, as she was found not guilty in a 2018 case where she was accused of lying over the appointment of the city’s head of tourism, a job that went to the brother of one of her closest aides. Prosecutors appealed against the acquittal and a new verdict is expected in the next few months.