Philadelphia mobsters had their 2013 racketeering conviction appeals denied


Philadelphia mafia members convicted in the 2013 racketeering case that targeted mob boss Joseph Ligambi and other family leaders had their appeals denied and convictions affirmed.

Ligambi along with his nephew and fellow mobster George Borgesi and Philly mafia capo Joseph Licata were tried twice but eventually beat the case. But Philly mob trio which included underboss Joseph Massimino, capo Anthony Staino, and soldier Damion Canalichio were not so fortunate. Massimino was sentenced to 188 months, Staino to 97 months, and Canalichio to 137 months and all three remain suspects in at least one unsolved mafia murder.


joseph massimino

Joseph (Mousie) Massimino


The Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed their convictions and the sentences imposed by judge Eduardo Robreno. The Appeals court cited the three defendants for “implicit and explicit threats of physical violence” that was part of the gambling and loansharking case against them. Every single argument and issue raised by the three Philadelphia mobsters were rejected by the three-judge appeals panel. A seventh defendant in the case mob associate Gary Battaglini who was sentenced to 96 months is currently fighting for the right to file an appeal.


anthony staino

Anthony Staino

According to authorities Ligambi, Borgesi, and Licata who returned home remain active members of the Philly-based Cosa Nostra family.