Sicilian olive companies linked to mafia seized by authorities


Police in Sicily continue their fight against Matteo Messina Denaro one of Italy’s top mafia bosses who has been on the run since 1993.

According to a new report, authorities have seized four olive companies along with various other properties linked to the mafia bosses business empire. The latest seizure located in the heart of Messina Denaro’s alleged power base is estimated to be worth more than $14 million dollars. Along with the lucrative olive businesses were over 100 other properties along with bank accounts and vehicles owned by alleged accomplices.


“Matteo Messina Denaro”

The Cosa Nostra boss remains one of the most wanted fugitives in Italy and was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the ten most wanted men in the world. He is believed to have taken over as one of the top Sicilian mafia leaders after the organized crime group had multiple leaders convicted and sent to prison including Bernardo Provenzano and Salvatore Lo Piccolo. According to estimates from Coldiretti a farm lobby, the various Italian mafia groups earn billions of dollars annually from agriculture. Part of this revenue stems from the use of threats forcing stores to sell products such as cheese produced by the mafia in Italy. Authorities have conducted multiple properties and business seizures over the last few years in an effort to weaken the mobster’s network in an effort to make him easier to locate.