Italian police seize 50 million in Camorra assets, 26 arrested

Italian police seize 50 million in Camorra assets, 26 arrested

Italian officials took 26 alleged members of the Camorra into custody and seized over 50 million euros in assets in an Italy-wide investigation on Monday.

Naples, Salerno, Imperia, Cosenza, Ancona and Reggio Emilia were the locations of the arrests. The goal of the operation was to focus on two different sub-groups of the Camorra, police reported.

Historically prominent in Poggiomarino, the Fabbrocino faction appeared to be one target, while the other was a clan led by Rosario “The Kid (o’ minorenne)” Giuliano.

Giuliano is currently in jail, but was still able to head his crime family via his girlfriend Teresa Caputo, police said.  He gave commands to his crew through messages he gave to Caputo during jail visits.

Italian police stated investigations have revealed a series of successful extortions, usually with firearms and other weapons, and drug trafficking.  It was also discovered that the majority of the drugs being supplied originate with the Calabria-based ‘Ndrangheta mafia, which dominates the European cocaine trade.

Narcotics were efficiently moved from ‘Ndrangheta suppliers in disguised vehicles.  Police said that coffee trucks and vans were common mediums for transporting the drugs.  In addition, sixty-two explosive devices were found in Poggiomarino, according to Italian federal reports.  They said bombs were another tool used in Camorra extortion operations.

The Camorra is one of the oldest and most powerful crime groups in Italy and Europe, with origins dating back to the 17th century.  Like most other Italian crime families, the Camorra’s involvement in the drug trafficking business propelled the crime family towards immense expansion and wealth.  Prosecutors admit that the Camorra has historically been one of the most difficult organizations to fight.