Lucchese family mobster Daniel Capra gets a year in prison


Daniel Capra a reputed Lucchese crime family associate has been sentenced to a year in prison for his role in a mafia linked shakedown.

Alleged New York mafia capo Carmine Avellino was having trouble collecting from a 70-year-old debtor on a $100,000 loan so he tasked Daniel and his younger brother Michael with debt collecting according to prosecutors. Daniel was caught on a wiretap telling his younger brother to “Shake him up a little bit,” in reference to the debtor. But lawyers for Capra maintained that it was Avellino the Lucchese family capo running the show and Capra shouldn’t have been seen as a superior according to the NY Daily News report. But prosecutors maintained that the recording showed the younger brother was checking in with the elder Capra on what to do next.


“Daniel Capra”


The defense pushed for no jail time claiming that Capra had health problems which included heart problems also pointing out that he was a good family man who simply made a bad decision. Capra told Brooklyn Federal Judge Ann Donnelly he made a “huge mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He asked the judge not to separate him from the family that was so important to him but judge Donnelly noted a defendant’s family suffers at every sentencing as well and those committing crimes should think of them. One of Capra’s lawyers said a sentence of incarceration was unwarranted and they were considering an appeal.

All three defendants in the case have admitted to their roles in the mafia shakedown and Daniel’s younger brother was already sentenced to probation. Avellino is scheduled to be sentenced next month for his part in the extortionate shakedown. Extortion and loan sharking have long been and continue to be profitable rackets for Cosa Nostra.