Mob Soldier Pleads Guilty to Extortion; Faces up to 20 Years Behind Bars

William (The Angel) Angelesco, 49, (also known as Billy Angelesco), an associate of the New England Patriarca crime family, recently pleaded guilty to extortion in a Boston U.S. District Court.

During the change of plea trial, Angelesco wiped away tears from his eyes as he spoke briefly with his attorney. He then said “I agree, I agree” in response to Judge Nathaniel Gorton’s question as to whether he agreed with the prosecutor’s details of the case.

In September 2018, Angelesco, along with two other associates went to beat up and rob a drug dealer who they say wasn’t paying his shakedown money. They stole $1,000 cash, 4 pounds of weed and boxes of sneakers the drug dealer sold on the side. Unfortunately for Angelesco, the victim was able to remember the license plate number which was later matched to Angelesco’s rental car. Phone records and DNA also place Angelesco at the scene.

Arrested in Maine last year, Angelesco is facing up to 20 years in prison for the count of ‘interfering with commerce by threats or violence.’ No plea deal was signed before the hearing.

Outside the courtroom, attorney Carmine Lepore said that he and Angelesco “just felt it was the appropriate time to go forward with a plea.”

Court records and FBI documents link Angelesco to the current New England mafia boss Carmen “Big Cheese” DiNunzio and the late boss Peter “The Crazy Horse” Limone.

New England mafia boss Carmen “Big Cheese” DiNunzio

New England mafia boss Carmen “Big Cheese” DiNunzio

Angelesco used to run a sportsbook for DiNunzio a few years back and also did some collections for him. He would also be a driver and bodyguard for Limone who was recently released from a 33 year stretch in the slammer for a murder he didn’t commit. Limone was later awarded $19 million by a federal judge over his imprisonment but he was also given five years probation for his gambling syndicate in 2010 and ordered to stay away from dozens of figures, Angelesco being one of them.

In June 2017, Limone died of natural causes. He was 83 years old. After his death, DiNunzio became the new boss.
The FBI were able to get surveillance of Angelesco as he delivered messages to DiNunzio and also orders from DiNunzio to the organization’s Providence faction.

In 2005 Angelesco beat a murder charge for killing Pete DeVito, a Revere nightclub manager who assaulted him and threw him out. In 2008 Angelesco did four years behind bars for extortion.