New York mafia soldier Joseph Sclafani catches a break


Joseph Sclafani a soldier in the Gambino crime family caught a break getting his 15 year sentence on drug charges reduced by a year due to changes in sentencing guidelines. Also known as Joe Boy the New York mafia soldier was will now be set for release in 2023 after being sentenced on drug charges. Lawyers for Sclafani asked for his clients sentence to be reduced down to 12.5 years which prosecutors objected prompting Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson decision that one year was sufficient even though Joe Boy may not see it as that big a break.


joseph sclafani

Joseph (Joe Boy) Sclafani


The feds ruined the Gambino family wiseguys plans to marry Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo with his arrest on drug charges. The 49 year old mobster also requested a furlough so he could say goodbye to his father who was terminally ill but prosecutors objected on questions of the legitimacy of the illness. His father went on to pass away a couple months later and his lawyer also noted that as another reason his client was due a break.


ramona rizzo

Ramona Rizzo


Rizzo said its about time her former fiance catches some kind of break who she says she is still fond of although wedding plans have been called off. She also claims she is still upset over jewelry the feds confiscated when Joseph was arrested that belongs to her and they refuse to return claiming it was purchased from illegal drug profits.