Philadelphia mafia chaos may lead to power struggle


Now that the dust has settled from the recent Philadelphia mafia trials of alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi and several of his fellow mobsters the Philly mob is somewhat in chaos.

Dave Schratwieser takes an inside look at the current status of the mafia in Philadelphia and the possible leadership void that could cause some unrest. He also examines new ways the Philly crime family is attempting to make money as the families power dwindles and competition increases. With what is seemingly three separate mafia factions on the streets now in Philadelphia the old Joey Merlino crew led by alleged acting boss Steven Mazzone, what’s left of the Ligambi crew, and the Nicky Scarfo era crew now back on streets from their prison terms some believe violence may be on the horizon. Here is a special report from Fox 29 News and Dave Schratwieser which includes an interview with a former mob soldier and former city organized crime commander.