Detroit Mafia transitions to new leadership


The Detroit mafia also known as the Detroit Partnership for the first time in over thirty years now officially has a new boss.

Former boss Giacomo “Jack” Tocco has now retired and the family is now being lead by new boss Jack “Jackie the Kid” Giacalone. The change over in power has been rumored for years now and has finally happened according to sources. Anthony “Chicago Tony” La Piana will serve as under boss under Giacalone but work more as a co-boss alongside Jackie. Source claim that La Piana has already started to assert his power on the streets and has taken over most of the interests that belonged to former boss Jack Tocco.


“Jack Giacalone” 


Jackie Giacalone has family ties going back decades in the Detroit mob and has long been tapped as the heir apparent to the thrown. He became a captain in the mob back in the 1990’s and was appointed as street boss for the family sometime around 2000-2001. The Detroit La Cosa Nostra family remains as one of the more stable families outside of the New York mafia five families. They are believed to control rackets not only in Detroit but also in states like California, Florida, Ohio, and Texas along with Canada.
Here is a break down of the 2014 Detroit Mafia leadership from new boss Giacalone down to the families current capo’s. This is roughly what things may look like on the streets now that the change over in leadership has taken place.


Boss – Jack “Jackie the Kid” Giacalone
Underboss – Anthony “Chicago Tony” La Piana
Consiglieri – Anthony “Tony Pal/The Butterfly” Palazzola
Street Boss – Peter “Specs/Blackie” Tocco
Counselor emeritus: Giacomo “Black Jack” Tocco, Joseph “Joe Hooks” Mirabile, Dominic “Uncle Dom” Bommarito


David “Davey Donuts” Aceto
Joseph “Joey Jack/Joe Vine” Giacalone
Joseph “Joe the Hood” D’Anna
Paul “Big Paulie” Corrado
Antonino “Tony the Extermintor” Ruggirello (coming out of retirement for short-term stint until La Piana names an official successor as boss of his crew, the former Meli crew)


The low key and steady leadership which has made the Detroit mafia so successful over the years is believed to continue under the control of Giacalone. Although many believe the Detroit family will soon suffer from its older leadership base and a lack of a younger generation coming up to fill the ranks it remains a viable mob family and in the current climate that is no easy task.
For more information on the Detroit mafia and its history both Motor City Mafia:: A Century of Organized Crime in Detroit and The Detroit True Crime Chronicles: Tales of Murder and Mayhem in the Motor City are both highly recommended. Would also like to offer a special thanks to author Scott Burnstein for his help with information for this article. Get a copy of Mr. Burnstein’s books above as his insight into the Detroit mafia is second to none and both are phenomenal reads.