Detroit Mafia appoints Anthony Palazzolo as new consigliere


Anthony “Tony Pal” Palazzolo has been appointed as the new official consigliere of the Detroit mafia.

Previous consigliere Dominic “Uncle Dom” Bommarito has stepped down into retirement after holding his post during the recent leadership transition. Newly named boss Jack “Jackie the Kid” Giacalone has now fully taken the reigns of the family and now has his full administration in place with Palazzo and Anthony “Chicago Tony” La Piana holding the rank of under boss.


anthony palazzolo


This trio has been dubbed “the future big 3” by Detroit mob family administrators over the past few years according to Motor city mob expert Scott Burnstein who broke story of new consigliere in his gangster report column. A long time Detroit mobster Palazzolo now 74 has overseen the family interest in Canada and in the city’s downriver area. He has roots in the mafia as his father was a lieutenant in the Michigan mob under Goivanni Priziola longtime consigliere.

Palazzolo was named as a mob captain back in 1998 taking over the crew once led by capo Peter Vitale who groomed him through the years. According to the FBI Palazzolo has been a very illusive guy and hard to keep tabs on through out the years. The Giacalone , La Piana, and Palazzolo trio will lead the Detroit mafia into the next generation after the passing last July of long time boss Giacomo “Black Jack” Tocco the longest tenured mob boss in America.