Detroit Mafia set to downsize under new regime


The Detroit mafia is now firmly under the control of a new regime lead by new official boss Jack “Jackie the Kid” Giacalone as its latest transition period winds down.

The Detroit mob is going to be downsizing from having 5 crews on the streets down to four at least temporarily according to sources from Scott Burnstein’s Gangster Report. The mafia in Detroit has had five capo’s running their respective crews since the early 1990’s but Giacalone wants to minimize exposure and feels the smaller things are safer according to reports.


jackie giacalone

Jack Giacalone


The crew formerly run by now underboss Anthony “Chicago Tony” La Piana is set to be dissolved with in the next year per sources. It is now being run by acting co-capo’s Antonio “Toto” Ruggirello and Antonio “Tony the Exterminator” Ruggirello who are ready to retire with Chicago Tony already semi-retired and in an administration position. Once the Ruggirello boys retire the transition will be to dissolve the crew all together.

The mob in Detroit has been one of the more stable and low key mafia families for years and after the 2014 installation of new boss Giacalone and underboss La Piana things should remain that way. Both Jackie the Kid and Chicago Tony were groomed to take the lead running the family in an “acting” capacity for a couple of years before they were officially installed into the hierarchy by deceased former boss Giacomo “Black Jack” Tocco. Recent mafia news out of The Motor City indicates the transition has been smooth.