Russian Mafia War Claims Another Victim


Yet another Russian mafia boss has been murdered. Astamur Guliya also known as Astik Sukhumski was gunned down as he left a restaurant in Sukhumi.

Reports say that the gunmen waited outside of the restaurant in a silver Mercedes and gunned the mobster down in the parking lot. Just last week Russian godfather Aslan Usoyan also known as Grandpa Hassan or Ded Khasan was shot to death by a sniper in Moscow. Some believe the hit on Guliya could be retaliation for the killing of Usoyan but others think it could simply be part of an all out turf war. Authorities say that Guliya was a mob leader made just last month and was a new generation type criminal opposed to the old school type of beliefs of Usoyan.


“Believed Photo of Astamur Guliya”

Usoyan was part of the crimal tradition and honor code known as the “russian thief in law” which was formed during the Soviet times. Many considered Grandpa Hassan to be a dinosaur and a classic gangster that was falling out of favor with the newer and more flashy criminal generation like Guliya. Guliya was also a known ally of Rovshan Janiyev a Azerbeijani mobster and a Usoyan rival. In fact its believed Guliya was made during a meeting of mob bosses in the United Arab Emirates that were opposed to Grandpa Hassan’s leadership. Authorities also say Usoyan refused to recognise Guliya as a “thief in law” and called him a pretender.

Many believe the recent violence and Russian mafia war may be taking place as mobster fight for lucrative construction contracts attached to the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in the Russian town of Sochi. With millions of dollars at stake there could be a lot more violence still to come and the Russian mafia war could very well spiral out of control.