Top Russian Mafia Boss Grandpa Hassan Gunned Down In Moscow


One of leading  Russian Mafia bosses Aslan Usoyan also known as Grandpa Hassan was gunned down by a single shot from a sniper while leaving a restaurant in Moscow.

The 75-year-old gangster barely survived an attempt on his life back in 2010. Authorities believe that the previous incident in 2010 and the assassination now are connected and planned by same people. Back in 2010, Usoyan was in a turf dispute with an alleged rival mob boss named Tariel Oniani. The Godfather or organized crime in Russia Vyacheslav Ivankov was attempting to resolve the dispute between the two bosses before he was killed in 2009.

“Aslan Usoyan – Grandpa Hassan”

Despite his age Usoyan had a colossal influence on the criminal underworld in Russia and authorities believe that his murder may trigger more violence and unprecedented mafia turf wars. It could trigger a brand new distribution of power within the Russian underworld says Russian MP Alexander Khinshtein a member of the security committee.


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