Chicago Mafia has upped loyal mobster Louis Marino to street boss


Louis Marino also known as “Louie Tomatoes” has recently been put in control of Chicago Mafia rackets in the north side suburbs of The Windy City.

Marino recently finished up doing 25 years in prison when he was released last October. The 82-year-old mobster has been rewarded for his loyalty to the mob with his promotion to “street boss” of the north suburb region. He was appointed to his new leadership position by current Chicago mob acting boss Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis according to mafia news from Scott Burnstein and his Gangster Report.


Louis Marino

Louis (Louie Tomatoes) Marino


According to sources the octogenarian mobster has no intentions of retiring anytime soon but his son Dino Marino a Chicago Outfit button man is allegedly being groomed to eventually take his place. Both Louie Tomatoes and Solly D came up together in the mafia under former Cicero crew capo Ernest Infelise and former bosses Sam Carlisi and Joseph Ferriola.

Both mobsters were known and feared as mob enforcers for the Cicero crew back in the 70’s and 80’s according to reports. When mobster Joseph Amato retired Solly D and Louie took over the Lake and McHenry County loansharking and gambling operations before being pinched in a RICO bust. DeLaurentis held the position of north suburbs street boss before taking over day to day operations for the mafia in Chicago as acting boss sometime in 2013.