Louis “Bobby” Manna, accused of planning hit on John Gotti, denied prison release

Louis “Bobby” Manna, accused of planning hit on John Gotti, denied prison release

Louis “Bobby” Manna, 91, was denied release from his 80-year sentence in Bayonne to a medical prison in Minnesota.

During his 1989 Newark trial he was accused of multiple serious crimes, one being planning a hit on John Gotti.  He also was sentenced for leading under conspiracy under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Predicate, where he still has more than half left on his 80-year sentence.  Manna was considered the consigliere of the Genovese crime family at the time of his trial.

“Manna was a leader in the Genovese family, a street boss, who accomplished (La Cosa Nostra) goals through violence and intimidation…  Despite the fact that he is considered “frail” and has some medical issues, the nature of his life as a career criminal and his leadership in the Genovese family outweigh his age and medical issues,” U.S. District Judge Peter G. Sheridan wrote in his denial last week.

In an attempt to separate himself from his past, Manna focused on his age and “laundry list” of medical conditions that resulted from his 32 years in prison.  Jeremy Iandolo, Manna’s attorney, argued that he was “debilitated” by these health conditions including Parkinson’s disease.  Manna is also suffering from high blood pressure, cellulitis, vertigo and ulcers, among others.

Iandolo ultimately determined that his “rapidly declining health requires immediate care, which the BOP is not equipped to treat.”  Manna will now undoubtedly die in prison within the near future.

“The defendant’s violent and egregious conduct in the offenses of conviction, including participating in multiple conspiracies to commit murder, and ordering an actual murder, weighs against any reduction,” wrote the prosecutors.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office stated that Manna was over exaggerating his health issues, and that his experiences weren’t “extraordinary or compelling” enough for compassionate release.

Manna’s attorney refused to comment any further on the situation.

source: nj.com