Mafia News: New Jersey Mafia family busted in undercover FBI investigation


DeCavalcante crime family in New Jersey was hit by a massive FBI bust which led to the arrest of ten alleged wiseguys.

Charges range from illegal prostitution , illegal gambling, and plotting to murder a fellow mobster. The mafia crew based out of Toms River, NJ was infiltrated by an undercover FBI agent according to reports. This bust showed that organized crime in New Jersey was still functioning and that the DeCavalcant family was still active and earning money through typical mob rackets.


Law enforcement officers escort people to be arraigned after indictment in New York


Among those arrested were alleged DeCavalcante family consigliere Frank Nigro and crew boss Charles “Beeps” Stango. Others named in the bust were Anthony Stango, John Capozzi, James Heeney, Paul Colella, Mario Galli, Rosario Pali, Nicolas Degidio, and Luigi Oliveri.

According to reports Stango wanted to whack a mobster in the Elizabeth, NJ crew of the DeCavalcante family outsourcing the hit to an outlaw bikers. In a transcript of a conversation recorded by the undercover officer Stango was unhappy that the DeCavalcante family had to answer to the Gambino crime family in New York.


“Milk, Milk [referring to the family’s street boss who was not charged in this case]his whole f**kin’, Milk’s family was the root of the tree. Oh he started this whole thing. [lt’s been around a while now]. See his uncle the underboss of consiglieres since the beginning of time. They come right from Sicily to here.

“This is Sii- … okay this proves he’s the oldest crew in the country. They start, they originated the five families. Okay? And now we run under the f**kin’ Gambinos.”


In a sworn affidavit from Robert Conrad a FBI Special Agent also alleges that the DeCavalcante family of the New Jersey mafia operates closely with the Gambino family of the New York mafia. This is definitely a significant blow to the New Jersey mob.