DeCavalcante family mobster gets 30 months behind bars


Ten members and associates of the New Jersey mafia also known as the DeCavalcante crime family were busted last year for plotting to kill a rival mobster, drug trafficking, and prostitution.

From a federal court in Newark U.S. District Judge William Walls sentenced DeCavalcante family associate John Capozzi to 30 months behind bars. Capozzi, 36, was charged with distributing over 500 grams of cocaine after selling a half of kilo of coke to an undercover F.B.I. agent. He plead guilty via a plea deal last December and will also have to serve two years of supervised release.




Among the others arrested in the New Jersey mob sweep was DeCavalcante capo Charles “Beeps” Stango his son mob associate Anthony “Whitey” Stango and alleged family consigliere Frank Nigro. The younger Stango has already pleaded guilty to selling cocaine and a prostitution-related charge and was sentenced to six years in prison. The elder Cosa Nostra captain was caught on a wiretap talking to his son about setting up a prostitution business and met with an undercover F.B.I. agent that infiltrated the mafia crew to plot the murder of a rival mobster, Luigi Oliveri.



Charles Stango


Charges are still pending against both Charles Stango and Nigro although many of the others involved in the case have agreed to plea deals. According to prosecutors, this bust proved that organized crime is still active in the Garden State and that the now diminished DeCavalcante family was still in business.