DeCavalcante family mobster Anthony Stango gets 6 year sentence


Anthony “Whitey” Stango a reputed member of the New Jersey mafia family known as the DeCavalcante crime family was sentenced to six years in prison on various charges.

He is the son of longtime New Jersey mob captain Charles Stango and was busted along with his father, family consigliere Frank Nigro, and other alleged mobsters and associates. The younger Stango now 34 agreed to a plea deal last August on charges of attempting to set up a high end prostitution business and drug distribution. Along with his six-year prison term the judge also tacked on five years of supervision following his release.


anthony stango 2

Anthony Stango


According to the feds Anthony sold cocaine on at least seven occasions to an undercover FBI agent and was caught on wiretaps discussing the prostitution business with his father. The elder DeCavalcante family captain is facing his own charges related to the prostitution ring along with charges that he planned to kill a mafia rival. According to the feds Charles met with an undercover FBI agent who had infiltrated the mob crew to plot the murder Luigi Oliveri a member of a rival New Jersey mafia crew.


charles stango

Charles Stango


Attorney Gary Mizzone argued that the younger Stango simply got washed up in the notoriety of Cosa Nostra and actually only had a distant relationship with his father. But prosecutors pointed to the long criminal history for Stango which included drug use, burglary, probation violation, and passing bad checks. Stango said in a statement that he regretted his actions and that he hoped to get through this and be a better father to his two kids. Stango has been ordered to report to prison on March 15 to begin his sentence and was ordered to avoid organized crime figures and gang members between then and now.