Lucchese Family Boss Amuso may hold the title but Crea the power


Vittorio “Vic” Amuso is now in his 23rd year behind bars but many still believe that even though he has been out of circulation and off the streets for so long he still holds the rank as boss of the Lucchese crime family.

He took over as boss of the Lucchese family back in 1986 after former boss Antonio “Tony Ducks” Corallo was convicted as part of the mafia commission case. Underworld sources back in 2012 reported that Amuso had stepped down as boss of the family but recent reports claim that those reports may have been a bit premature and that Vic still holds the crown and has now for nearly a quarter century. But one has to wonder after being off the streets for more than 20 years now how much power can Amuso still have over the crime family.


Vittorio Amuso

“Vittorio (Vic) Amuso”


Steven “Stevie Wonder” Crea was said to have taken over as boss of the mafia family back in 2012. New law enforcement sources have reported that they believe that Amuso is still, in fact, the undisputed boss. But Crea definitely seems to be a force on the streets today for the Lucchese’s and perhaps Amuso still holds the title but Crea holds the power. If Amuso is still considered to be the boss by the feds it would seem that he is no more than a figurehead for the family and keeps his stripes and rank as boss to keep the heat off those running things on the streets.


steven crea

“Steven Crea”


Crea is the one calling the shots today for the New York mafia family and has the final word. He has always been a solid earner for the family and is said to be well respected by all factions. So even though the feds may still consider the imprisoned Amuso as the Lucchese family boss it can definitely be debated as to his functionality. It seems clear that the power shift within the Cosa Nostra family has already happened and whether Crea is labeled as acting boss, street boss, or simply boss he has been the guiding force behind the crime family for some time now.


The Lucchese’s have seemingly done well so far under the leadership of Crea operating quietly and avoiding any major convictions over the last few years. One has to wonder if these recent reports are not just a shot by the feds to shake the tree and see if they can pick up any new information as to he families real current hierarchy.