Montreal mafia linked funeral home arson attack


The Loreto Funeral Complex on Grandes Prairies Blvd., in St-Léonard, was the target of an arson attack early Tuesday morning according to reports.

The funeral home has links to the Montreal mafia as is owned by members of the Rizzuto family. Charlie and Domenica Renda, children of Maria Rizzuto are currently listed as the owners according to the Quebec Business Registry. It has been the site of several high-profile mafia services including former leaders of the Montreal mob Nicolo and Vito Rizzuto. No one was injured in the attack and the building sustained minimal damage according to police. A police spokesperson said that so far there were no suspects and or witnesses and the investigation has been turned over to the Montreal police arson squad.



This is the second time the Loreto funeral home has been the target of an arson attack the first taking place back in 2011. These types of arson attacks have often been used by organized crime to send a message or as a warning. The mafia in Montreal has become increasingly unstable since the start of the long and bloody Montreal mafia war and the death of former godfather Vito Rizzuto. Tensions remain high among the rival mafia factions and this latest attack may be a sign of even more violence to come. Mafia expert Pierre de Champlain told the Global News “As long as there won’t be a recognized and accepted leader, the actual situation will remain unstable and volatile.”