Philadelphia Mafia could be facing new indictments


On this episode of Mob Talk with George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser the guys look at the potential for upcoming indictments.

Mobsters from the Philadelphia Mafia are heading down the shore for the summer but with more to worry about than just the temps. The feds are definitely not taking a summer break and according to Anastasia the organized crime task force has gained some traction of late. With recent reports of another mafia rat surfacing things, tensions are definitely on the rise. The Philly mafia turncoat has gathered audio and video recordings of his fellow wiseguys that could spell trouble for high ranking members of the Cosa Nostra family.



The guys even touch on the possibility of a Joey Merlino movie and some recent meetings he had with Robert De Niro. Merlino is facing a short prison stay set to begin in the fall after pleading guilty to a minor gambling charge in the East Coast LCN Enterprise case. Could Joey go from the big house to the big screen? Merlino’s story is definitely an interesting one and in the right hands, it could make for a pretty good Mafia movie. The wiseguys of the Philadelphia mafia will definitely enjoy their time in the sun this summer as they wait for the other shoe to drop.