What Happened To The Chicago Mob


This is an interesting new piece about the Chicago Mob and what happened to the once powerful Cosa Nostra organization from CBS Chicago.

The story offers a view into the history of the Mafia in Chicago and includes some really cool footage and wiretap recordings including some fairly modern day stuff. We hear from some of the people who worked to take down the Chicago Outfit including FBI agents and prosecutors. It also includes a brief look at former mobster turned informant Frank Calabrese Jr. and others. Unlike some of the other mafia documentaries, we have seen “What Happened To The Chicago Mob” does a great job at including a lot of information into a much shorter time frame.



While most of the information may not be news to most dedicated mob followers the actual footage of various mobsters and interviews make it worth a watch. Here is a brief description of the story from CBS Chicago “It can be argued that at one time the Chicago Outfit was the most powerful crime organization in the country. From the shores of Lake Michigan to California, Windy City mobsters controlled gambling, loan sharking, labor unions and even politicians and judges. Jim Williams reports.

It’s very well done and they did a great job at getting a lot of good stuff into what is just a twelve-minute video. So check it out while we wait for the next piece of Chicago Mafia news in 2019.