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Detroit Mafia transitions to new leadership

  The Detroit mafia also known as the Detroit Partnership for the first time in over thirty years now officially has a new boss. Former boss Giacomo “Jack” Tocco has now retired and the family is now being lead by new boss Jack “Jackie the Kid” Giacalone. The change over in power has been rumored [...]

Detroit Mafia quietly moving into new era

  The Detroit mafia also known as the Detroit partnership has always been a very low key La Cosa Nostra family avoiding much of the media attention attached to other families in cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. With much of its membership and hierarchy having family ties the Detroit mob family has been [...]

FBI starts new dig in Michigan in search of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains

  The FBI executed a sealed search warrant today in a field in northern Oakland township in Michigan in search of the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. The former Teamster boss disappeared in 1975 after leaving to meet a suspected Detroit Mafia member in suburban Detroit. Hoffa was 62 years old at time of his disappearance [...]

Detroit Mafia soldier Joseph Ruggirello passes away as mob family quietly motors on

  Reputed Detroit Mafia soldier Joseph “Jo Jo” Ruggirello passed away from diabetic related illness at the age of 82. The Ruggirello family has deep family roots tied to the Detroit crime family as his father Antonio “Big Tony” Ruggirello longtime driver and bodyguard of one time Detroit mob boss William “Black Bill” Tocco and [...]