Bonanno Street Boss Thomas DiFiore out of Lufthansa Case


Thomas “Tommy D” DiFiore the alleged acting street boss of the Bonanno crime family caught a break with latest ruling that he will not stand trial along side his fellow mobsters on Lufthansa heist charges. A judge ruled that the charges of extortion that Tommy D and Bonanno soldier John “Bazoo” Ragano are facing are not of the level of the charges the other defendants are charged with in the Lufthansa indictment. The other defendants including Bonanno capos Vincent Asaro and son Jerome Asaro will stand trial separately for an array of racketeering charges including murder.


Thomas Di Fiore is escorted by FBI agents from their Manhattan offices in New York

“Thomas DiFiore”


DiFiore and Ragano are facing extortion charges stemming from a loansharking scheme they allegedly operated last year. Their trial has been scheduled to start in January of next year. The real losers in the latest ruling are the both Asaro’s who will now endure two trials one along side DiFiore and a second trial on their own. Jack Bonventre also a defendant and alleged Bonanno family capo also losses out as he will stand trial along side the rest in at least two separate trials also.


The judge said the charges connected to the Lufthansa robbery and the 1969 murder ordered by Jimmy Burke along with other murder charges could pose a risk of prejudice against defendants not charged in those crimes so decided on separate trial. The latest ruling will definitely have mob boss DiFiore breathing a little easier as trial approaches.