Feds want to foreclose on the home of Bonanno mobster Ronald Giallanzo


Reputed Bonanno crime family soldier Ronald Giallanzo just finished up a year-long stretch behind bars for violating the terms of his supervised release but feds aren’t finished with him yet.

He was prohibited from meeting with known members of organized crime but the was captured on surveillance attending a Bonanno family holiday party along with three other separate meetings. Those meetings brought him an added year in the clink after a longer stretch stemming from his 2007 conviction on racketeering and extortion charges. According to court papers, the US Attorney’s office now wants to seize his 3,500 square foot Howard Beach home.


“Ronald Giallanzo at Staten Island mafia Christmas Party”


According to the feds, Giallanzo made millions running illegal online bookmaking operations over his 17-year career in the New York mafia. The US Attorney’s office said in Brooklyn Federal Court filings that since Giallanzo used money from his illegal Cosa Nostra enterprises to purchase and renovate the property the government would be entitled to it because of the criminal forfeiture laws. The house is officially owned by Ronald’s wife Elizabeth Giallanzo but that seemingly doesn’t make a difference in the seizure proceedings. The alleged mobster has just regained his freedom but may end up paying for it with his home as the feds continue to try and make his life in the mafia as costly as possible.

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