Joey Merlino trial update – Mob Talk


In this weeks episode of Mob Talk with George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser we get some updated Philadelphia mafia news including a look back at the Gino Dipietro hit along and another look at the upcoming trial of Joey Merlino.

The guys check in on the current status of mobster Anthony Nicodemo who plead guilty to murder in the Dipietro case and is doing a 30-year stretch. There has been a lot of speculation recently about a potential turncoat in and around the Philadelphia mafia family leading to some questions about the feds recent handling of Nicodemo and Damion Canalichio another made guy who is awaiting a sentence reduction hearing. We have heard from various sources that the feds are actively trying to put together a new case against the Cosa Nostra family so there seems to be some potential for a new rat to surface.



We also get an update on the status of the upcoming trial of Joseph Merlino and Eugene Onofrio which continues to have more twist and turns. The feds now plan to add a new mafia turncoat to the list of witnesses that will take the stand seemingly strengthened their floundering case. At one point it seemed like internal problems with the case may have led to the charges against the mobsters being dropped but now the pendulum is swinging back in the feds favor. Both defendants passed on lighter plea offers deciding to take their chances in court which now seems like maybe a more risky move then it seemed at the time. The trial is set to begin in January and it will definitely be one of the more interesting organized crime trials of the year.