Life and Death of Philly Mafia informant Ron Previte


This week’s episode of Mob Talk Sitdown with George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser takes a look back at the life and death of Ron Previte.

John Terry a former FBI agent and head of Squad One the FBI’s elite organized crime unit in Philadelphia joins the show to give the inside story on Previte and his work with the feds. The 73-year-old Previte recently passed away of natural causes in New Jersey. Previte was a former Philadelphia police officer who started working with the mafia back in the early 1990’s. He served as a driver and bodyguard for former Philly mafia boss John Stanfa until 1994 when Stanfa was incarcerated following a war with Ralph Natale and Joey Merlino for control of the cities Cosa Nostra family.


“Big Ron” Previte


Previte had become known on the streets as an earner which allowed him to transition over from the old faction to the new one being run by Natale and Merlino. It is a topic of debate as to whether or not Previte was actually ever a made guy in the mafia but many believe he served as a captain in the Philadelphia crime family at one point. What none of his mobster pals knew was that Big Ron had been wearing a wire for the feds throughout the 90’s. His undercover work with the feds and testimony helped to convict over 50 members of organized crime including three mafia bosses. According to reports, he retired from his double duty in 1999 after clearing seven figures from his work with the feds.  Previte certainly lived an interesting life both inside and outside of the Philadelphia mafia.