Massive Mafia bust targets Philly mafia boss and NY Mafia capos


More than 40 people were arrested including mafia captains, soldiers, associates and even a mob boss during a massive FBI bust targeting Cosa Nostra.

According to reports, the organized crime operation stretched from South Florida all the way up to Springfield, Massachusetts. Arrested included members of major New York mafia families Gambino, Genovese, Bonanno, and Lucchese along with the Philadelphia crime family. Among those arrested was alleged Philly mafia boss Joesph “Skinny Joey” Merlino. According to early reports, the feds collected thousands of hours of recordings from agents and an informant capturing the mobsters discussing the mafia schemes.


joey merlino 4

Joey Merlino


Charges include illegal gambling, loansharking, arson, extortion and the peddling of more than $3 million dollars in untaxed cigarettes and many many more. Officials said the mobsters often met in restaurants and rest stops long the highways and used coded language to discuss business. Arrested along with Merlino and noted as leaders of the mob ring called the “East Coast LCN Enterprise” were Genovese crime family capos Eugene (Rooster) O’Nofrio and Pasquale (Patsy) Parrello according to court filings.

The informant in the case who has yet to be identified worked for both Merlino and Parrello while the fed undercover agent worked for O’Nofrio according to the reports.


Made Guys arrested in the bust included:


Philadelphia crime family:
Joey Merlino

Genovese crime family:
Pasquale Parello
Conrad Ianniello
Ralph Balsamo
Anthony Conigliaro
Eugene O’Nofrio

Lucchese crime family:
Marco Minuto

Gambino crime family:
Danny Marino

Bonanno crime family:
Pasquale Maiorino
John Spirito