Lucchese family mobster Daniel Capra pleads guilty to extortion


Lucchese crime family mobster Daniel Capra plead guilty to two counts of extortion on Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court.

The 58-year-old mobster along with his brother Michael who plead guilty last week threatened to beat up two men in an effort to collect an unpaid debt. According to prosecutors, they were working on orders of Lucchese family captain Carmine Avellino. The collection efforts took place in Long Island and Brooklyn and included the beating of a 71-year-old back in 2010. Daniel Capra is set to be sentenced in December and is facing 2.5 to 3 years behind bars.


daniel capra

“Daniel Capra”


Capra read a statement in court as he admitted to his role in the extortion scheme saying “In early 2010, in Brooklyn and Long Island, I agreed with my brother, Michael Capra , and Frank Bruno to pressure Angelo Paccione — who had vouched for Charlie Giustra — to get Paccione or Giustra to repay the money that Frankie Bruno or others had given to Giustra.” “In furtherance of that agreement, I told Michael Capra to shake up Paccione to get repayment.” Prosecutors were unable to get either of the Capra’s to give up any information on 72-year-old mafia captain Carmine Avellino.

Unlike the Capra brothers, the New York mafia capo who is also charged with extortion has decided to take his chances in court turning down a plea deal. The aging Cosa Nostra captain is set to go to trial on August 22 and faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.