Peter Gotti, 81, loses second try for early COVID release

Peter Gotti, 81, loses second try for early COVID release

On Tuesday, former Gambino boss Peter Gotti lost his second appeal to be released from prison to spend the rest of his days with family.

The compassionate release was rejected by Judge Colleen McMahon.  Gotti argued that he had tremendous vulnerability to the COVID-19 virus at FMC Butner in North Carolina, which has seen numerous outbreaks to date.

Gotti made a similar request back in January, emphasizing his heart problems, blindness, dementia, and cancer.  This request was promptly denied.

“What I said a year ago remains true today. Nothing has changed since last January — not even the threat of COVID19 — to cause this Court to alter its earlier decision,” McMahon wrote.

Judge McMahon stated that Gotti still remains a threat to society.

She wrote in her ruling, “Gotti headed one of the most vicious and violent organized crime organizations in New York for a period of years.”

Peter Gotti inherited the reigns of the Gambino crime family from his brother, John Gotti, in 1999.  He attempted to whack former Gambino underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano in a $70,000 endeavor after he sent two associates to Arizona to search for him.  This came after Gravano gave the testimony that ultimately put John Gotti behind bars for life.

“I only want to (be) home with my family and tell anyone who will listen that I am a changed man and that there is no benefit to unlawful activities.  I truly regret my choices that hurt so many, and in the little time I have left on this earth would hope to be able to share some of my (newfound) wisdom to help others not make the same kind of mistakes that I have made,” Gotti wrote in a letter to the court last year in his defense.